How To Make a Flower Pen

Why write with a boring regular pen when you can  write with a pretty flower pen?
My mom, sister and I made these pens when I was little. My mom owned a clothing store with the word “Rose” in the title, so we made these pens with fake roses on top as a little promotional giveaway. I brought some extra to school when I was in grade 8 and my friends all begged me to make them one.  This one is a fun craft for kids and tweens or anybody like me who wants something pretty to write with.


Floral tape

Take the floral tape  and wrap it around the pen. You can add a dab of glue if you want but floral tape sticks to itself so you shouldn’t need it.

Once the pen is covered with the tape pick the end of the pen off

Stick the tip of the flower in the pen and secure with glue.

Voila! Flower Pen!

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