How to Make Seed Balls

A few years ago I went to the natural cosmetic store Lush in downtown Vancouver.  As I was browsing the aisles the beauty advisor informed me they were giving away seed balls to help promote Earth Day and gave me a packet of  marble sized red brown dirt balls. I had never heard of seeds balls. The lady told me the balls were loaded with wildflower seeds and I should toss the balls anywhere I would  like to see some flowers grow. I thought this was a fun idea and when I used up the seed balls I was given  I decided  to make my own. This is a fun project you could do with kids to help teach them about gardening and the environment. It’s also a good way to use up any extra seeds you may have.
1 cup Seed starting mix/ potting soil
1 cup Crayola Air dry Clay. You can also use red art clay or potters clay. Available at an art supply store or garden center.  If you can get your hands on some of powdered clay  I have read it works better but in a pinch the Crayola stuff will work too. You can find it at the craft store.
1 cup Compost

Mix all ingredients together except for the seeds in a large bowl. Because my clay was starting to dry out I used my food processor. If you use a food processor don’t put the seeds in because it will grind them up and ruin them. Add water to the mixture as needed until you get a good consistency. It should look like this

You can now stir in your seeds. I used a couple cups of wildflower seed mix. Form the mixture into half inch balls and set them aside to dry.  This part gets messy so make sure you have lots of old towels on hand for clean up! In a few days your seed bombs should be dry. You can put them in little baggies to give away as gifts or favors or just start tossing them anywhere you would like to see some flowers grow.

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