Pinecone Bird Feeders

Here’s a quick and easy way to attract some birds to your garden this winter. An old classic that’s great to make with kids. If you have more time on hands and some random beef suet in the freezer you can make these . But if you don’t you can make these simple pine cone feeders with things you probably already have around the house:

When my husband makes bacon we save the grease in this gross container. It’s not good to pour it down the sink and if we tried to pour it in the garbage the dogs would go crazy trying to get into it.
You can easily use peanut butter instead of bacon grease. It would probably be less gross.
Step one. Tie string around the pine cones

Step 2: Smear the pine cones in bacon grease or peanut butter and roll them around in bowl of birdseed

Now you have a whole bunch of seed covered pinecones

Hang and enjoy. The birdies will be by shortly!

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