Tomato Roses and Carrot Flowers

An easy way to take a basic dinner dish and make it fancy is to add some garnishes. It’s all about the presentation. I learned how to make vegetable flowers out of tomatoes and carrots in my Hospitality Foods class in grade 9.One of the few skills from high school I actually still use.
For the tomato roses:

Take a small to medium sized tomato and slice off the stem and any leaves

Flip the tomato over and start to slice the end off about 1/4 inch thick- but don’t cut all the way. Slide the knife around the outside of the tomato skinning it into one long piece.

As you can see in this photo to the left you will have a long slightly curled piece of  skin attached to the bottom slice of the tomato.

Take the free end and start to curl it and roll it back up to the base of your piece

Once it’s curled all the way prop the curled skin on the base.

Voila! Tomato Rose!

You will still have the rest of the tomato to chop up and use in whatever recipe you are making.
Next, the carrot flowers:

Peel one or two carrots. Using a sharp knife start to cut down into the carrot diagonally but do not slice down all the way. Rotate the carrot 3 or 4 times  and slice down into the side each time. By the time you get all the way around the carrot the tip of the carrot will be chopped off and transformed into a little flower.


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