DIY Wedding Flowers: 4 Tips to Create the Best Floral Arrangement- Guest Post


DIY Wedding Flowers: 4 Tips to Create the Best Floral Arrangement

 Guest Post from Joel

Excited to arrange some pretty flowers for a friend on her wedding? Not so fast.

Flowers come in different colors and styles. You may have difficulty in choosing one when doing a floral arrangement. Additionally, you will not only choose a selection of flowers but decide on what vase to use and what other extra pieces to incorporate to your floral arrangement. To get the best bang for your buck, DIY is the way to go as this could save your friend’s wedding budget.

So if you’re ready to get started with your first floral arrangement, take a cue from our list.

Practice makes perfect. Just because you have a bunch of flowers right in front of you doesn’t mean you can create the most fabulous floral arrangement the first time. Browse the net for some inspiration and save some photos. You may also want to find some tutorials to get you started with a pretty bouquet. Remember, it doesn’t have to look perfect but a little bit of practice would definitely amp up your skill.

Select the right vase. If your friend’s wedding has a particular concept, make sure you choose a vase that matches the theme. Additionally, be very wary of scale. A vase that looks huge for your table at home may look tiny when placed in the wedding reception. When looking for the best vase, go to craft stores, thrift stores, and flower markets. Do a bit of crafting to add instant sparkle to your vase.

Ask for help. Unless you’re creating a simple floral arrangement, you may want to ask help from a few friends. Bring a sample or two for others to copy. Remember to check everything and make sure the floral arrangement should look the way they’re supposed to.

Create a realistic schedule. Create a centerpiece two days before the big event. Let two people work for three to four hours for ten to fifteen centerpieces. As for bouquets, create it the day before the wedding. Make sure to keep the flowers fresh and clean.

Here’s hoping the tips will help you in creating your first DIY floral arrangement. Remember to have some fun and experiment with your creations.

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